Friday, May 9, 2008

Fight OCD Without Fighting

It has been written…

Whatever you fight, you strengthen, and what you resist, persists.”

Take a person with OCD, and if you could peer inside their head, you might find horrific thoughts. At the least, you would find persistent, annoying thoughts that over time are worse than a Chinese water torture.

What begins happening to a person with OCD is a type of magical spell is cast.

If you don’t think in a particular way, or act in a specific manner when a thought comes up, you will have an undesirable event take place.

You don’t want the thought, anymore than you want to have a waste treatment plant built next to your house. But neither can you stop the building or resist having the smell come into your house each day.

And what is worse, OCD is unlike a simple bad smell coming from a treatment plant.

You can get used to anything, but OCD changes up tactics so it is always a fresh aroma you weren’t prepared for.

So you are always off guard, while at the same time being on guard against OCD. You can’t resist thoughts, neither can you do much to defend against them. I don’t have to tell you, this causes more stress and anxiety.

You strengthen thoughts and compulsions by fighting them. Any resistance causes them to grow even more persistent and troublesome.

So what can YOU do?

Well first off, I’m a big believer in doing healthy exercise that cleans my body while making me stronger – inside and out. You can do any old routine and feel better than sitting on your rump, but interior and exterior strengthening is different from what any gym or trainer is pitching.

I’m also into dissolving stress, instead of letting it eat me from the inside out.

Everyone is talking stress reduction… that we have too much stress… that disease and health problems are coming from too much stress.

But who is actually teaching you how to unplug stress at the core of your being.

Because being given a pill to mask a problem is not going to the source to uproot the problem.

And this is what I’m talking about.

Because you can’t really have success with any of the non medication techniques I show you to unplug OCD if you still are a nervous wreck.

And the last is what you are pouring into your body and mind.

You must eat healthy and think clean… not because it is what a doctor tells you or what your minister says is right – because failing to do these things properly, feeds OCD the exact nourishment IT wants.

When OCD is fat and happy, you are suffering. When you learn how to starve OCD, you gain peace. Overtime, you become strong and confident in your health, while OCD is starved into quiet solitude.

These are a few things you can do to fight OCD without fighting. To weaken OCD without lifting a sword in anger. If you really want to find out more, check out this link




alex said...

I am suffering from ocd and it it feels like it is litterally rotting me away these thoughts wont stop and its getting in the way of my life all i want is to be back to the way i used to live i thank you for these tips i will surely try them in the future

Anonymous said...

Im right thete with u. All.these thoughts r.things i would never do. Like my fears. I always wonder what my life would be like.without these thoughts...ugghhh