Friday, November 28, 2008

Southern Carolina Man Reveals Secret to Long Life

Last night I enjoyed a hearty Thanksgiving feast with friends and family here in Mazatlan.

Clark and his family were present and accounted for. Along with everyone else, there was also good ole boy from South Carolina sitting at our table named Billy Bob.

By the time I slumped back in my chair and unbuckled my pants... Billy Bob was just getting the crowd warmed up.

He's quite the storyteller it turned out.

Even if someone would get up for another plate of food... this good ole boy would keep their ear focused on his story.

In addition to learning all about life in the deep south of the US, I also picked up a secret to winning at carnival games (don't play)... and how fascinated police officers in the south are by electric bikes...

Once I thought I had had enough, Billy Bob came out with an interesting anecdote about his parents that tuned everyone right back in.

Billy Bob went on to talk about both of his parents being alive and kicking and already into their 90's.

But instead of hearing about the healthy and rugged lifestyle these country folks have led... ole Billy Boy recounted everything they do that is against common health sense. For example, they eat what sounded like every fried food ever created.

They soak most everything they eat in butter. They enjoy a nip of bourbon frequently.

After a minute and a half of what his parents ate, I felt my own arteries start to clamp shut.

His point was that he wasn't too worried about his own health, because his parents had and were still doing whatever they pleased and seemed just fine.

Then Clark chimed in and said, "But I bet they haven't ever had too much stress in their life."

Billy Bob sat back, paused for storytelling effect, then said. "You know Clark, you're probably right. They go fishing four times a week and really don't have much stress."

And that is a huge secret my friend - especially when you have OCD.

First off... stress just makes your whole system work harder. Inner organs are going overtime and the disquiet you feel is taking a huge toll on you.

When you find a way to overcome stress, you're making huge health deposits into your bank account. Your health savings is not depleted as fast... and if you happen to also take good care of yourself through exercise and good food... your bank account will even grow.

Stress not only aggravates your attempt to cure OCD, it gradually breaks down your vitality and makes you more susceptible to sickness and ill health.

There is a choice to stressing out over OCD. Pop over to this letter to find out how you can be healthy, wealthy and wise - all while treating your OCD.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

One Gravedigger's Surprise Health Insight

Last Thursday night a friend was telling me how she went to a local town to claim her grandfather's bones.

See, they are building a dam and where her grandfather was buried back in the 30's will soon become a big lake.

When the dirt was pulled back and the coffin opened, his bones were still together. The knee socks he had been buried with were still on his legs. The other clothes weren't. I don't know, perhaps the clothes were taken off the deceased person back then...

The surprise health insight came from the gravedigger and what he told the family circled around the coffin.

The gravedigger leaned on his shovel and said... "Oh, this man must have been here a long time... you can tell because his bones are still intact and strong looking."

Now, had I been standing there, I would have been perplexed. I've seen enough CSI to know everything begins decomposing upon death. Plus, it's not like the coffins from back then were as well built as they are now.

The gravedigger went on to explain what he meant.

My impression was that he had been doing enough of the "unearthing" lately that his talk and observations were getting him more mileage than he had gotten in years. This is what he said...

"You can always tell when you have one of the old people, because their bones are intact. Back then, they worked hard, ate well and got plenty of fresh air. Anyone from more modern times, their bones are weak looking and breaking down already."

Here on the ranches of Mexico, people still do manual labor. They still drink fresh milk. About everything they eat is organic. There are no McDonald's or Starbucks. Fast food is when you have two people making tortillas at one time.

Of course even this is changing. The once totally fresh diet is being replaced by processed foods and all sorts of junk that you can readily buy.

The take home lesson from the gravedigger for those of us with OCD is this:

OCD really does feed off of what we put into our bodies. That crusty old saying that no one even pays attention to anymore... "You are what you eat," is true.

When you eat well... clean foods... vegtables... fruits... things that are less processed... you just feel better! Your body just works better. You don't get sick as much as others (or at all). Your digestion is optimal and you can fall asleep usually upon hitting the pillow - its automatic.

Whenever anyone talks about eating well, it always revolves around losing weight or being forced to change your diet because your doctor made you... because you have diabetes or high blood pressure.

What if your anxiety and obsessive thoughts began dying down in conjunction with the foods you ate. In other words... the more healthy you ate... the better you felt. Would that be motivation to put the burger down? Would that be reason enough to not bring sodas, or sweets into your house to begin with?

I don't know what it would take a person struggling with OCD and anxiety to see the connection between the foods we eat... and how we feel.

Even the gravedigger can see the ULTIMATE result of a healthy diet, exercise, clean air....

... so is there one thing you could eliminate from your diet that isn't helping you. Then later, would there be one new thing you could begin doing to make your diet healthier?

Friday, November 7, 2008

How This One Dating Mistake Can Heal Your OCD

Back when I was 18 years old, I went to Argentina for a student exchange.

I was acting as a cultural representative of the United States. And I now shudder to think of the culture I was “representing” to Argentina.

When I carried my suitcases into the airport in Buenos Aires I knew three words in Spanish… Hola… Cerveza… and Gracias!

At that delicate and innocent age… my three thoughts were… girls… beer… and going out to meet girls.

I now firmly believe Argentina’s ensuing economic crisis could have been avoided had they sent a budding entrepreneur or economist.

Instead, I spent a year glad-handing friendly people, cheering for the Boca Juniors, drinking Quilmes Beer and learning enough Spanish to meet as many beautiful woman as possible.

Red-blooded American virtues were indeed represented at every moment.

Now I see the error of my ways.

And this has a lot to do with how OCD treatment is typically approached.

Let me explain.

There was one young woman I met almost the first day I showed up at school. Everyone called her “Piny.” Don’t ask me what it meant or how she got it. I simply remember she was a stunning and beautiful young woman. Her smile was radiant and I still remember her sweet voice and that way she would say “Hola Crees.” (Chris isn’t so easy to pronounce in Spanish).

Whenever I tried to talk to her, my limited Spanish and her beauty left me scratching the dirt with my toes. I was tongue-tied and in awe by her.

The job of woman in Argentina is to ignore men… and the job of men is to pursue the woman ignoring them. And this law of the land meant not only did Piny basically ignore me, but I could hardly say anything to win her over.

So I gave up on her.

Pursuing her was obviously going to be an uphill battle. I was impatient and just knew there had to be less difficult woman I could meet and pursue.

As a result of this initial difficulty, I never really met someone I fell head over heels for like Piny. I wanted things to be easy.

The most ironic thing, is that within months of meeting Piny, I really could hold a conversation in Spanish and would have been able to charm the girl I REALLY liked.

How does this little story relate to medication and OCD?

Well I think the tendency of taking medication is a little like my adolescent style of pursuing woman in Argentina.

I wanted the route of least resistance. I wanted results immediately. But in the end, even though I was dating a very beautiful young woman, I had settled for second best.

I knew in my heart exactly how happy I could be… how good I could feel… if I would have had the balls to face rejection and pursue Piny – despite the walls of resistance.

Finding alternative treatments for OCD can be a scary process. You feel out of sorts and you want to have a solution to your OCD fast…

… medications can give you immediate results… and for someone in crisis, this may be a necessary step.

But the day will eventually come, where all you have to keep your life glued together is that medication. And when it stops working properly, you must change your combination of meds, or the medication itself.

There is always that void of being able to really, Really, REALLY feel potent and powerful on your own… naturally. So you are left to lead a life of could have’s or settling for second best.

When a family member of mine was diagnosed with depression, OCD and a whole host of other things… the best anyone could say was “You will be taking these meds for the rest of your life.”

Is that all we can hope for… to be given drugs for the rest of our life to feel better?

No. Because there are REAL alternatives to pill therapy.

You really can diminish your OCD and anxiety and depression by using resources that have been available for FREE… for thousands of years to humans.

And the process of successfully conquering anxiety… depression… OCD through things you learn and apply – forges a level of confidence and accomplishment that will transform your life.

In fact, following just six of these ancient ideas has allowed my business partner Clark to make OCD a non-issue in his life for coming on 50 years now. Those are results that make you stand up and pay attention.

If you want to get the scoop on what these old school principles of success are and how you can use them to get DEEP peace and freedom from OCD click here.



Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Surprise Vote for President

Today is election day in the US. And while millions...

...or is it thousands of people go out to cast their vote for President of the United States of America I have made a big decision...

Because no matter who gets elected, my decision is to take more responsibility for myself...

Whoever takes office, I'm still going to have to get up and exercise each day.

I'm still going to have to choose to eat well. And no matter who gets elected, no one will take care of my mental health for me. That one is up to me.

By failing to take these things seriously, my family is the one that will suffer, because I will not be doing the best I can do for them. It's as simple as that. And one other thing...

However things turn out... one thing will not change. I will always have OCD.

And having OCD means that each day I get up and must create a state of mind that all but GUARANTEES I will have peace of mind throughout the day. Because for me to even consider one more day of suffering with OCD, when I know it doesn't have to be like that... is simply not an option.

Look at how everyone is screaming bloody murder about the economy, the world, the next president... while this is going on I simply must follow my Six steps that I developed to control my OCD. Because allowing these stresses to get to me, mean that I will loose that wonderful peace and happiness I have each day.

If you are scared about the economy or what the future holds and you have anxiety or OCD - there is a totally natural treatment that you can do.

It will cause stress to melt away. Rituals will probably STOP. And the same will happen with unwanted thoughts when you've been practicing my Six steps long enough.

I simply cannot be at my best, in these trying times if I'm carrying emotional baggage, bad health, or something like OCD around with me. Over the years when times got tough, I always had a fail-safe back-up plan to cause me to sail over difficulty.

If you're ready to start this next four years out with a new plan for healing OCD and getting your body and mind stronger than they've ever been... follow me and find out how !


Friday, August 15, 2008

The Thought-less Formula

When I was Five years old, I asked my dad if he would get me a subscription to Playboy.

I will reveal his answer in a moment, because it is crucial to understanding how you can use it to combat disturbing, obsessive thoughts.

But first a word on disturbing thoughts and the causes of OCD.

Because almost everyday we receive emails down at OCD Central on how to deal with specific thoughts.

These questions range from how to handle obsessive thoughts surrounding death, to unspeakably repulsive sexual thoughts. These thoughts are like a glass of sewage water you simply must drink. Each sip tastes worse and it never gets any easier to digest. In fact, for many, time makes it worse.

Well that is how it seems most of the time... at least at first.

People along with specific thought questions and if my program will work for their specific case, ask how they got OCD in the first place.

I believe it is a waste of my brain cells to try to figure out what causes OCD. There are enough researchers taking up that task. I feel my best time is spent figuring out what kind of life I want to create.

And if you struggle with OCD, you should simply focus on how to get better, not figure out why you are tormented by rituals, thoughts and images.

What is true is that people get OCD for different reasons. There are some who have it from early childhood. It may take almost 20 years for others to discover they have OCD!

Disturbing thoughts are much the same.

I do not help people cure an aversion to germs any different than I would cure a man suffering from a compulsive thought he is going to die. There is no brand of thought any worse than another. The test if a thought is disturbing or not is:

Does it effect YOUR life or not.

Curing OCD starts with accepting you have it, then rolling up your sleeves and learning effective ways to live with it.

So now back to my dad.

I remember we were in the car. I was five and probably just big enough to sit in the front seat. He had his hands firmly around the steering wheel when I looked over at him and asked.. "Dad, can I get a subscription to Playboy?"

Without flinching or even taking his eyes off the road he said:

"Sure Chris."

"Great Dad." I said

"But Chris... How are you going to pay for it?" He asked.

"Hmmmmm..." Was my mind responding.

I believe if my dad had flown off the handle, or given me a lecture, or even said "No!" I would have likely become obsessed with following through, or rebelling in other ways.

The energy produced from going against the grain can become addictive.

Instead, my dad agreed with me and stole my momentum right out from under me.

An OCD thought - no matter what it is... operates in much the same way. If you yell at it... and tell it to "Stop!" you risk anchoring it further.

So regardless how you got OCD... or how severe or personally disturbing your specific obsessive thought might be... you can begin changing the way you respond to thoughts. This can take a few times to begin sinking in, but once it does, you feel a change at a very deep level.

There are other ways to accelerate the process of letting the thoughts you don't want - dissolve for good. If you simply need to know everything right now, so you can feel better... follow this link and get my complete course where you can access everything.

The Six Master Keys to Healing OCD

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mexican Supermarket

I was in the supermarket a week ago - it was an absolute mob scene.

Right now, there are tons of tourists in town to enjoy their family and the beach before the kids start school. Mexicans typically travel as a family unit, which means everyone from the grandmother to the newborn baby goes along.

This family unity extends to getting groceries. The supermarket is exceptionally busy right now.

For the uninitiated - it is chaos...

... Carts banging into one another... kids running down the aisles... apples rolling off the displays...

To walk in and see all this, you will notice your heartbeat pick up and and your mind accelerate to match the bzzzzzzzz in the room.

If allow yourself to be bothered by the stress... the shouting... the lack of "order"... spilled food being put back onto display... you might begin to really hate the moment and situation. There is no way to control any of it. You are at the mercy of the situation.

Or are you?

Because imagine you walk into this scene of hectic disorder. But this time, you get real quiet. You cease to put labels into your mind saying "This is good," or "This is bad."

No, now you simply get into your breathing and look at the supermarket scene and quietly stand there... observing it.

You behold it for what it is, neither good or bad.

You are so still and quiet in your mind, that you even can detect harmony and order in what could also be a loud mob scene to anyone else. You have conquered the mind noise and physical chaos by accepting it and sinking deeper and deeper into the quiet that starts unfolding around you.

Here's the deal.

An OCD thought is really no different than a Mexican supermarket over summer vacation.

When you're in a hurry and trying to fill your cart as fast as you can go. When you respond to the chaos around you and swear at the pushiness of others. When you get sucked into the bzzzzzzz of the moment, your OCD comes out of its box.

But if you can step back, get quiet and simply accept the existence of OCD within you at a deep, Deep level. Maybe deeper than you've ever allowed yourself to go, the stress will melt away and you will have a different feeling come up.

You will begin to be in control... in the middle of disorder.

A new power and sense of dominance will glow in your body.

You will never be the same again.

This one moment of "illumination" will give you the juice to simply know you can cure OCD.

This is a fact.

Even if you've always felt your mind is a mess, you will begin to have a deep level of acceptance when you get quiet in this way. And it is when you have acceptance of yourself, acceptance of the fact you have obsessive compulsive disorder, that the Keys to Healing OCD will unlock the cure.

Repeat "let go" three times as you exhale and breath deep.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Secret OCD Bathing Ritual

Last Friday afternoon, I went to the beach.

Even though I live in a city on the ocean, I'm not a sun worshipper or like to boil my skin to the texture of a raisin. I don't hang out at the beach much.

This day something called me to sit on the sand and watch the waves. The temperature even a block off the beach was HOT, but with the gentle breeze coming off the ocean, the beach was refreshing and forced you to relax and let go.

And I was glad I went to the beach because this is what I discovered.

Life is stressful. Even when you have all sorts of techniques and life principles you practice to keep a state of balance, you need time and places to recharge the batteries. When you give yourself this time, your mind can breath and it becomes HAPPY again.

Sitting on the beach, I finally got warm enough that I went into the water. The ocean was comfortably warm. Any remaining stress that the sun and wind hadn't cooked out of me, was washed clean by the water.

When I walked out of the ocean, I was glowing with happiness once again!

Methinks this going to the beach is a new ritual I should adopt. It is not something I will do every day and maybe not even once a week. But if work, or life or what I think of as stressful starts to close in on me... I now have a way to wash it away - when nothing else is working.

See, usually when stress is taking its greatest toll on us (which is also when OCD is at its strongest) we don't think to "go to the beach."

You may not have access to the ocean, so what can YOU do? (Remember, this is a very effective way to unplug your OCD).

Think about ways you can get back to nature.

I don't mean anything fancy that requires going to REI or purchasing special clothes or gadgets. I mean, how can you walk out your door and make contact with trees... water... wildlife... desert... or mountains?

I just watched an interesting documentary about a guy living in the middle of San Francisco who became a world famous "expert"on the wild parrots living in his very city. He started by walking out his back door and feeding the colorful critters roosting in the nearby trees. It took off from there.

After watching that film on parrots I realized I didn't have parrots and I didn't want to befriend the stray dogs in my neighborhood, or corral any ants to feed... so I chose the beach.

I think you can see what I mean.

You can begin anywhere to find a way to let go, breath deep and change your scenery. You will gain an immediate lift in your mood. You will have cause to contemplate happiness, as opposed to stress or what havoc OCD is creating in your life.

You will give your mind space to breath... and this is when inspiration and BIG changes can start to happen.

To really take these tips to the next level and trully cure your OCD, click on this link to get the Six Keys to Healing Obsessive Compulsive Disorder course.